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Stone and Bones provides a wide range of different hands on activities, professional development opportunities, lectures, reading lists, resources and lesson plans, all of which target specific outcomes under National and State curricula.


Stone and Bones programs are flexible and responsive and we can adapt our activities to your specific needs, resources and circumstances. Our activities are scalable and can be made relevant for students from early childhood, through their infants, primary and secondary schooling and on to university and adult education .


Stone and Bones can come to you at your school, and our hands on activities are designed so as to fit into a standard 45 minute to 1 hour lesson and a class size of 20 to 30. Each Stone and Bones activity begins with a chance to hear about and touch tools and artefacts from our collection and we have sought permission from elders to share this information with students. We can provide educative talks and demonstrations for larger groups. 


Stone and Bones are experienced in developing long term programs and relationships with schools and Aboriginal communities and can assist with bringing schools, parents and communities together to provide true and meaningful reconcilliation.


All Stone and Bones staff and volunteers have full Working with Children acreditation and have training in the risks associated with our hands on activities. Stone and Bones can provide full risk assessments for all of our activities.


Please see the links below to get an idea of the range of activities we offer. If you have a specific idea or need in mind, please contact us to collaborate on new and innovative programs, activities and opportunities.


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