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Stone and Bones collaborates with the NSW Dept. of Education's Aboriginal Education and Wellbeing Team and Catholic Education to deliver a range of targeted training and teacher professional development activities. 


In addition Stone and Bones provides lectures and workshops for the Outdoor Education network and science education organisations across Australia.

Training includes Indigenous science and incorporating Aboriginal perspectives, cultural competency, outdoor education, STEM education and bush craft skills.

These are available at your school campus, at various venues across NSW and at regular industry events.

Here are some examples and upcoming opportunities.

Stage 6 Science: Stone and Bones delivers a series of teacher training days at Environmental Education Centres around NSW which are registered with NESA and which address the ways in which teachers can incorporate Aboriginal cultural understandings into science education at Stage 6. These target the LAC priorities in the NSW Science Syllabus and provide background information, cultural training and practical opportunities to registered teachers. These are regular activities and occur in various urban and rural locations throughout the year. For updates, please like Stone and Bones on Facebook, or look for advertising in the NSW DET publications.

School Science Education: Stone and Bones provides training opportunities to teachers at all stages as school incursions. These include addressing misconceptions around Western and Indigenous sciences, the history and philosophy of science and how other cultures have developed ways of exploring the same ideas. Stone and Bones can provide programs which build teacher capacity, confidence and skill, by providing specific classroom activities, co-developing long term programs of study which fit with existing scoping and sequencing, providing training in Cross Cultural Teaching practice and cultural competency training and by assisting with the development of meaningful relationships with local communities.

Outdoor Education: Stone and Bones trains in using the outdoors as a classroom, providing confidence and skills to teachers in gardening, nature play, natural sciences, storytelling and a range of other outdoor activities. These can be adapted to your needs and to the nature of your space. Please contact us for more information.

Hands on Workshops and Lectures: Stone and Bones has presented a range of lectures and workshops to industry events and conferences including the NSW Science Teachers Association, The National Parks Association, The Early Childhood Environmental Education Network and the Australian Science Education Technicians Conference on a range of topics. These presentations are enjoyable, stimulating and hands on and provide participants with an opportunity to explore new ideas. Please contact us for more information.


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